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 Graphical Manager for x70talk!       

Summary of Contents:

1 - Introduction:
      1.1 What is X70Book?
      1.2 Where can i get X70Book?
      1.3 Why X70Book+x70talk?

2 - Installation:
      2.1 x70talk
      2.2 x70book
3 - Getting Started:
      3.1 Import the PhoneBook and List
      3.2 Add/modify phonebook entry
      3.3 Remove phonebook entry
      3.4 Export contact
      3.5 Download an image
4 - Request:
      4.1 I need ..., can you add this function?

1 - Introduction

What is X70Book?

X70Book is an application that can visualize the data taken, by x70talk, from the mobile phone X70. The command line program x70talk can download the data by your phone, and visualize that in a shell; with X70Book you can visualize those data in a c(q)ute QT interface.

Where can i get X70Book?

At the moment you can download the source code by:




1.3 Where can i get X70Book?

Becouse x70talk is a good program!


2.1 x70talk

Obviusly you need x70talk, you can get it at the official site:




Install configure it for your connection (USB cable or Bluetooth) and now your ready for install x70book!

2.2 x70book

First extract the file in a directory in your home!

Than to install type:


Now you can make a link tot the apps on your Desktop or anywhere you want, remember to set the rigth work directory in the link!!

Getting Started

Import the PhoneBook and List

By the File menu you can select the "Update"
voice to start the downloading of the data,
than x70book store those data in 2 file
(x70.book, x70.lst).

So you can view your data even the phone
is disconnected!


Update if you made some change manually!!


Add/modify phonebook entry

On the left side of  the UI you have all about the phonebook, the list of the entry in the lower area, and the View/Modify area on the top.

Here there is six field that you can compile and clicking the "Add" button you can add a new entry in your phonebook!!

If you click on an entry you can visualize the data in the six field, now push the "Change" button and the


Remove phonebook entry

After selected the entry to remove, in the Edit Menu select "Remove".


This action is very dangerous, no undo function is present at the moment.

3.4 Export contact

By the AddBook menu you can select :
_ "Export single contact"   as vcard format
_ "Export all book"             in html format

The vcard is saved in the "vcard" subdirectory
and in that format:


For the html format you can choose the file name!


3.5 Download an image

On the right side you can view the file in the phone, by a single click you can select the file, by a double click you can:

_ Download the file (and view it) if the file is only on the phone
_ View the file directly if the file was downloaded in the past.

This is the Legend of the icon:

no The file is only on the phone
yes The file was downloaded

4 - Request:

4.1 I need ..., can you add this function?

You can sent me a mail, at the address:

<marco4linux at users.sourceforge.net>

And i can answare you:

[BOFH answare]

[Optimistic answare]

[Realistic answare]
If i can.