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Graphical FrontEnd for x70talk!

When you acquire an USB cable for a mobile phone you have a CD-Rom, with a complete suite for MS Windows to manage the data inside your phone!!

For Linux there is a great program, called x70talk (1) (hosted by sourceforge[2]), but it is a CommandLine UI program!

X70Book is a graphicalFrontEnd for x70talk. The project was published by TuxMobile (3) and is hosted by SourceForge(4).

version 0.1.6

_ Download data:
            @  PhoneBook entry
            @  Photo and other object
_ Modify and delete the phonebook entry
_ Export the entry:
            @  vcard (ver 3.3)
            @  html

_(1)x70talk : http://sourceforge.net/projects/x70talk/
_(3)TuxMobile http://tuxmobiles
_(4)x70book : https://sourceforge.net/projects/x70book/